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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  July 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead some closure for a woman and her daughter attacked with acid. a high-profile assault case. good morning, washington. it's friday, july 15. i am cynne simpson. >> i am greta kreuz. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with lisa baden, but first we start with meteorologist steve rudin. we're looking at another beautiful morning and afternoon with temperatures in the mid 80's across the board. pretty much the same thing yesterday with low humidity. gaithersburg at 66 degrees, 61
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degrees in manassas. a few clouds on the satellite and radar. take you to the delmarva beaches on saturday and sunday, wonderful, low 80's with sunshine. daytime highs will hover around 85 degrees today close to home. wind out of the south passas 4-8. you will love what's on the way for the extended outlook if you like hot weather. now to lisa baden for the traffic. i will take you to some pictures. at university boulevard on 495, the overnight construction project is gone. moving nicely on the other side of the beltway in bethesda. a nice run at river road, to and from the american legion bridge.
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270 at father hurley boulevard. germantown gaithersburg, and rockville are quiet. in virginia, here we are on 95. looks good on 66 and the toll road. now to news. far led to scary moments last night a t holy cross hospital in silver spring. the fire moved into the third floor ventilation system, sending smoke into the delivery boward. no word on what caused the fire. a prince george's county woman is sharing a terrifying story more than a year after someone threw acid in her face and in the face of her daughter. >> ben eisler has the mother's dramatic accounts and new developments in the case.
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>> she is everything to me. >> for katrina watts only one thing matters. >> she will probably be an actress. funny a people person. >> when tikia anderson threw acid at her and her daughter, stopped. >> nobody wants that to happen to their child. i was not used to seeing her like that. >> prosecutors say that anderson really knew watts but pat watts was dating-- watt was dating the ex-boyfriend. >> piping patients alive sentence for doing this to me and my child. >> potassium carbonate left
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severe burns on watsonts' face and body. her daughter perseveres. >> when i saw her the first time she was smiling. it hurts. >> they have completely recovered from their injuries. she turned 5 on thursday and spent her birthday in disney world with grandparents. we are hearing from the mother who made a bold escape with her infant after being carjacked. a woman and her 20-month-old son were carjacked in baltimore gas station and were taken on a wild ride that ended yesterday morning on the capital beltway. officers chased 22-year-old terron white after he sideswiped a police cruiser on 95 in beltsville.
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the state's ensued on the beltway. the mother and baby jumped out of the moving car. >> i was just praying that we would be ok. i am not a hero, does a mother. >> she suffered minor injuries. the baby was not harmed. white faces multiple charges. we are following a developing story out of boston. two commercial aircraft collided last night on the runway at logan airport. the airport's spokesman says the wing of a delta air lines jet clipped the tale of a smaller plane. the delta flight was in the process of taking off. one person on board the flight bound for amsterdam suffered minor back pains but there were no other injuries. the cause is under investigation. following two big developments in the showdown over the debt crisis. president obama will against the to the nation about his interest
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and during a news conference this morning. the president met with top congressional leaders last night. the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell called its a good session, but there's still no deal. abc 7 will carry the presidential news conference live. you can watch it on abc 7 at 11:00. another credit agency is putting pressure on lawmakers to get their act together when it comes to raising the debt ceiling. >> and google continues to impress wall street. let's go to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york for business news. >> good morning. let's begin mistress of google. they reported sales that exceed analysts' projections. the company has been pushing into a mobile and display advertising. more than 10 million users have signed up for its google plus
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service. we will get quarterly results from citigroup. moody's put pressure on lawmakers yesterday if to come up with a solution to raise the debt ceiling. now the s&p is turning up the heat. they may cut the nation's aaa credit rating, they say. stock-index futures are little changed. the treasury secretary is warning lawmakers. he says there's no possible extension of lifting the debt ceiling. there's good news for hundreds of furloughed pilots. united is offering 200 pilots positions at its continental subsidiary. that is business news at bloomberg headquarters in new york. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 4:37 right now, 66 degrees.
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>> still to come, a d.c. police officer faces charges of sexual abuse. this is the latest in a string of arrests for the police force. >> average carmani -- harry potter mania, waiting in line to be the first to see the final installment in the popular se
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welcome back. 4:41. time to a check on traffic and weather. >> steve rudin is with us. >> temperatures this afternoon will be in the mid 80's. a cold start on this friday morning. in the 60's out to the west. 64 at dulles and winchester. petersburg, west virginia, 55 degrees. dew point levels in the upper 50's and low 60's's. high- pressure will eventually move off the coast. on the beaches 82-83 degrees for the weekend. high school district and surrounding areas today around 85 degrees. coming up, the extended outlook.
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temperatures around 96 or 97 degrees. i will tell you when, in the phoenix. normal travel times on the roads between richmond and baltimore. looks good on 270 66, dulles greenway, dulles toll road. no accidents except allentown road, a vehicle rolled over. otherwise, in good shape as far as the major roads. all clear to the airport. back to you. >> thank you. across the area, you will notice a lot of local harry potter fans stumbling into work really tired this morning. >> my son was among them. many fans spent the early morning hours watching that last film in the harry potter serious. their worst showings at 2:45 this morning in alexandria because there was a midnight
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premier that sold out. die-hard fans waited in hline for hours. >> we have been waiting so long for this. >> this generation did not grow up with oliver twist or great expectations. they grew up with harry potter. >> "harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2" could top $1 billion at the box office worldwide. >> i don't doubt that will happen. >> i want to see it. but i don't want to stand in line 24 hours. 66 degrees. >> many drivers choose to live like in the fast lane but it should be the loss for the slow motorists to move over? >> a. wynn
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welcome back. checking our stories at 4:46, president obama will hold another news conference to talk about efforts to reduce the nation's debt. this comes after another meeting between president and congressional leaders. the s&p says there's a chance that it could downgrade the u.s. credit rating. investigators want to know why two airplanes collided on the runway at boston's logan
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airport. the wing of a delta air lines jet clipped the tale of a smaller plane. one person suffered a minor neck injury. passengers were put on another plane and continue to their trip. a greenbelt, pleaded guilty to throwing acid at a mother and daughter and in oxon hill parking lot last year. part of the plea deal, tikia anderson will testify against another woman in the attack. the victim and her daughter or seriously injured and have not recovered. police have arrested the diplomatic route of killing a man in bowie. a 46-year-old of clinton and a 49-year-old son of district heights shot and killed a 44- year-old david williams during a robbery at his home on wednesday. the suspects were posing as pepco workers. they're being held without bond. on to a story out of the
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district a police officer accused of sexual assaults has become the 18th officer arrested this year. a grand jury has indicted the 37-year-old on sexual abuse charges. court documents allege that he approached three women while on duty, ordered them to follow him to a secluded area, sexually assaulted them and then threatened to arrest them if they did not obey. >> hearing something like this is horrible because officers are here to protect and serve. >> you don't expect this. >> turned himself in yesterday and was released. scheduled to be arraigned on july 28. a woman whose name was linked to the casey anthony murder trial is suing the acquitted florida mother. gonzalez is suing for
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defamation. for three years casey anthony a woman by that name was the nanny who kidnapped her daughter. she later admitted that person never existed. yesterday lawyers told a new york judge that levy aron has hallucinations. he admitted to suffocating and then dismembering and a-year-old boy after he asked for help when he got lost after leaving camp. aron has pleaded not guilty. problems for news corp. had spread to the united states. the fbi has opened an investigation into allegations that news corp. tried to hacking into the phones of 9/11 victims. this is a week after news corp. shutdown the "news of the world newspaper. they claim the paper's reporters may have tap into phone records
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of british crime victims and former prime minister gordon brown. we are learning more about a close call for a seattle window washer. >> window washer was hanging from the safety ropes 65 feet off the ground. this was above the seattle center civic complex. the border accidentally snipped out of his seat. fire crews lifted their ladder and the man was fatally brought down to the ground and is expected to make a full recovery. that looks scary. >> very scary. i wonder if he will wash windows again after that. 66 degrees. >> protesting a plan to keep montgomery county police off the streets at night. >> we will be right back.
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captioned by the national captioning institute friday morning, 70 degrees from the belfort furniture weather center. look at temperatures across the board, holding in the 60's with the exception of west virginia, 67 degrees in petersburg. lexington park, maryland, 66. annapolis in the low 70's. pressure will move off the coast eventually. lots of sunshine today 83-87
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degrees. tonight there could be a few high clouds, not going to amount to much. temperatures in the 50's in the suburbs, mid to upper 60's in the district. 84-89 degrees tomorrow, slightly more humid. mid to upper 90's on the way. first, traffic. traffic is quiet. looks good in virginia. quiet in maryland. looks good in the district. south to the richmond area and northern true baltimore. looks good in accokeek, oxon hill of waldorf, leaving prince frederick all the way to the beltway. if between the chesapeake bay bridge and new york and kenilworth avenue as well. 95 and 295 clear to thurgood marshall airport and the beltway. out of frederick, looks good there and looks good through germantown. back to you. >> thank you. 4:54.
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a group used the midnight premiere last night to connect signatures against montgomery county proposed curfew. the national youth rights group has petitioned for young people to sign in silver spring. kids under 18 would have to be home at midnight on weekends. and a curfew during the workweek as well. exceptions would include the church and school events. in many states if a speeding car comes up behind you while you are in the left lane, you are obligated to get over to the right lane. >> of one local police captain wants to see that law put into place in maryland. now this story from potomac. >> i have the need for speed. >> the fast lane is not fast enough for some drivers.
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>> ihop the horn -- honk the horn all the time. >> we were still gated in the fast lane and were passed over and over even by the montgomery county police officer. >> they flashlights and tell you to move over. >> what if the drivers obey the speed limits were forced to get out of the way either speed up or move over so the person can pass? in new jersey and pennsylvania it is the law. one montgomery county police captain feels it should be blocked -- be the law. >> some argue it helps the flow of traffic. some say it gives drivers a free pass for breaking the law. >> this is just one police captains idea.
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other leaders say they don't plan to address this issue. >> that is a hot potato. two commercial airliners clip their wings at a busy airport. the latest on an injured
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two commercial airliners clipped wings back an


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